Copper King is our latest project which is quickly becoming more popular!

By ridging your roof with Copper King, you have an effective way of preventing storm damage on your roof, most storm damaged is caused by ridges coming off in storms and causing damage on the way down.

With Copper King your ridges will become encapsulated in the whole material with no mortar joints visible. When the copper is fitted onto a clean roof it will prevent moss by exposure to air and water which causes the Copper King to oxidise, this creates Copper sulphate which runs down the length of your roof in the rain water. This acts as a mild fungicide and will help keep your roof free from moss.

This product is available for other types of roofing needs such as Copper copes and Copper flashings. If you have any other enquiry's e-mail to find out more.

May we also add that the colour of Copper dies down over a period of time, once the Copper King is on for 1 year+ you will notice a drastic change in the Copper King colour, as we are aware the bright colour of the newly made Copper King may put people off the product, so we must make our customers aware that it will not be that bright forever and will die down to a similar colour of your slates, making it practically camouflaged on your roof.

This is one of the very best and most natural alternatives to prevent moss and save your roof from storm damage, by getting a Copper King fitted to your ridge, you can forget costly roof maintenance and have peace of mind knowing your ridges are 100% protected!! You also have the added benefit of knowing Copper King is actively helping clean your roof.